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fall nail polish to show off engagement ring

Best Fall Nail Colors for Showing Off Your New Ring

If you know a proposal is on the horizon, or have recently become engaged, prepping your nails for photo-ops with your captivating new ring is an absolute must. Choosing a nail color for the debut of your exciting new ring is especially enthralling during fall when new, fresh colors are popping up around every corner!

Garnet: This eye-catching reddish hue is perfect with gold and rose-gold designs. Colors range from glossy merlot-inspired shades to striking tones of burgundy.

Gray: From bold gunmetal tones to soft, powdery grays, this neutral is everything but bland this fall. Its effortlessly chic quality creates the perfect backdrop for a highly detailed, colorful ring.

Plum: Purple's more sophisticated sister, deep plum tones exude autumnal sophistication and understated romance. Plum looks amazing with monochromatic platinum and diamonds but is still subtle enough for wear with a two-tone design

Pale Pink: This sweet, traditional hue no longer belongs exclusively to spring manis! Soft, petal pinks look amazing when paired with deep neutral shades and rich fall jewel tones. Pale pink, what we call Kirk Kara pink, is always the perfect almost-neutral for natural-looking nails that don't distract from your glittering new main attraction. 

No matter which nail color you're wearing, your ring will be the main focus of your photos and ring-debut events. Choose a manicure shade that perfectly highlights your own ring's details and complements the breathtaking colors of your perfectly spellbinding new ring.