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Married by Mom and Dad Marissa

Married by Mom and Dad: Marissa in San Francisco

Like many classically traditional brides, Marissa Salviano looks to her parents' marriage as the ideal relationship. Marissa trusts her parents' love and judgment so much that she asked them to make the most important decision of her life: Choose her future husband. 

So far, the search isn't easy. Marissa's parents are traditional, so her father, Matthew, is "weeding out" the potential suitors before introducing his favorites to her mother, Leslie. So far, no one has made the cut, but Marissa's father will settle for no one less than perfect for his successful, beautiful daughter. Marissa says: "I trust them, 100%, to find me the perfect man." Watch this clip for a peek into Marissa's life in San Fransico and a hilarious conversation with her parents!

We can't give too much away yet, but we can reveal that Marissa, the lovely lady who knows exactly what she wants has chosen a forever captivating band from our vibrant, Deco-inspired Charlotte Collection. Her mystery groom will wear a timelessly elegant band from our Artin Gentlemen's Collection, and we can't wait to find out who he is! The couple chose their breathtaking Kirk Kara wedding rings with the help of the phenomenal expert staff at Geoffrey's Diamonds. Catch the new episode to follow Matthew Salviano's meticulous journey to find the perfect groom for his daughter, and stay tuned to see what Marissa thinks of her family's pick!