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Since 1890, the Kirk Kara artists and artisans have handcrafted rings and fine jewelry. Each exquisite piece is designed to be forever captivating.

Tell your boyfriend what engagement ring you want without telling him

Sure, you could always "casually" leave pictures of the rings you love lying around, or "accidentally" leave your computer open to pages of diamonds, but there are ways to show him the forever captivating ring of your dreams without being so, well…obvious. Before you start dropping hints, do your research! Get your "Love These" list on KirkKara.com and your carefully-chosen must-haves ready and follow these tips to catch his attention:

Intentional remarks: When you're out together or watching TV, make sure sure that you begin to mention when you spy a ring that makes you swoon. Next time a friend gets engaged or a celebrity shows off her dazzling new bling, choose a detail that delights you and let him know. The perfectly timed, detail-oriented comment can be exactly what he needs to hear to start his search.

Recruit a helper: One of the best ways to get the ring you've always wanted is to share your wish-list with a friend or family member, then send them in to help your guy. Choose someone with whom you can be totally candid, but someone whose advice he trusts. Many brides ask their own friends or family for help, others have successfully enlisted their future groom's mother or sibling.

Let social media do the talking! Lucky for you, your Facebook friends can see pages you've recently liked! "Like" Kirk Kara, and you'll lead him straight to the spellbinding collections to start his search. If he pays attention to your recent likes on Instagram, start liking specific Kirk Kara posts to give him ideas. If you're ready to be bold, tag him in the comments and say something like "love this one!" or "what do you think?" Make sure you've selected your favorites on our "Love These!" page beforehand in case he asks to see more!