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Since 1890, the Kirk Kara artists and artisans have handcrafted rings and fine jewelry. Each exquisite piece is designed to be forever captivating.

Unique, fresh ways to show off your ring in engagement photos

Ready to share your breathtaking, Forever Captivating ring with the world? Don't let your engagement ring selfie get lost in the crowd. Take a fantastic photo that's sure to stand out by keeping your ring the focus. There are perfectly classy ways to incorporate props without going over the top! Make your selfie uniquely you with the prop, background, location, or color scheme you choose, all centered around your gorgeous, glittering new ring!

Color and Fade: Choose your favorite color, a color you'll use at your wedding, or one that compliments your ring. Coordinate your mani color with the background color, focus the photo on your hand and ring, and soften or blur the edges so that the background has a vintage-inspired, faded look. Using a vignette on Instagram is the easiest way to get this amazingly romantic effect. 

Pick a Prop: A coffee mug (even your name-inscribed, beloved Starbucks cup, if you're a super-fan!), a bouquet of flowers, a single rose, an open book, a seashell–the options are endless! Choose an item that perfectly reflects you in this magical moment and position your ring or your ring-adorned hand with the object of choice and snap away! Once again, a fresh mani is a must!

"Candid" Snapshot: While holding your ring at an optimally attractive angle, have a family member or friend snap dozens of shots of you until you capture a perfectly candid, radiant, ring-centric faux-selfie. Totally elevate your photo by staging it in the location of your proposal, on a beach, in the light of a Christmas tree, or outside in natural light! Include your groom and have the photographer zoom in on your hand–holding his, around his neck, on his shoulder–whatever comes naturally to you and your dreamy beau.  

Try several ideas and variations until you decide the best way to show off the newest addition to your enchanting love story. After all, you definitely won't get tired of posing with your spellbinding new ring!