About Us

Since 1890, the Kirk Kara artists and artisans have handcrafted rings and fine jewelry. Each exquisite piece is designed to be forever captivating.

Which era in bridal design best describes your style?

Our artistically exquisite designs are inspired by the most iconic eras in art history. Some of our collections fuse multiple eras, and some primarily pay homage to one specific moment in time, but all of our rings are created with fascinating, hand-crafted detail and the most breathtaking, brilliant metals and gemstones. Take a journey through the history of art and learn its influence on our seven  captivating collections to decide which era best reflects your personal style:

Edwardian: The Edwardian Era was a time of opulence, grandness, glamorous fashion, and brilliant, large-scale works of architecture. Edwardian jewelry was elaborately detailed, dainty and feminine, covered in decadent diamonds, and often created in a white-on-white palette. The costumes in the earliest seasons of Downton Abbey are considered Edwardian. Admirers of Edwardian design are inspired by iconic glamour and visually stunning works of art. Collections to shop: Carmella and Stella. 

Art Nouveau: Inspired by nature, the Art Nouveau movement (1890-1910) focused on curved lines, floral elements, birds, and asymmetrical, flowing designs. Those who adore Art Nouveau have a delicate, romantic style and a love of all things inspired by nature. Art Nouveau often overlaps with Edwardian, and is apparent in designs that feature both swirling, floral detail and bold center diamonds.  Collections to shop: Angelique, Dahlia and Pirouetta. 

Art Deco: Known for its bold colors and geometric shapes, this glamorous visual style originated in the 1920's jazz age and was inspired by famous archeological excavations of the time. Art Deco lovers are usually interested in the "Roaring Twenties," are creative thinkers, have eclectic taste, and are fascinated by ancient art and archeology. Collections to shop: Charlotte and Lori.

These eras overlapped and therefore heavily influenced one another, so many designs have some elements of all three. Learning the history behind the details you love is a fun way to explore your personal style. Shop each iconic, vintage-inspired collection to narrow down all of the beautiful possibilities and decide what details are must-haves in your own forever captivating ring.