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Since 1890, the Kirk Kara artists and artisans have handcrafted rings and fine jewelry. Each exquisite piece is designed to be forever captivating.

Platinum Engagement Ring

Benefits of Going Platinum For Your Wedding Rings

When choosing your engagement and wedding rings, it’s easy to focus on the diamonds and forget about which metal you’ll prefer. All of our metals are cast, engraved, crafted and polished to last a lifetime and hold their original color and brilliance, and our platinum rings take our superior standards to the next level of quality. Here are a few reasons you should consider going platinum:

1. Platinum is the rarest and most precious metal in the world: Platinum is only found in a few locations worldwide, and was used by royalty for centuries. Because of its strength and quality, platinum was forbidden for non-military use in jewelry during World War II, and for that reason, it has a relatively young history in the jewelry world.

2. Platinum is hypo-allergenic: Your forever-ring should be worn every day, so it must be comfortable and feel great against your skin. One of the reasons platinum is the preferred engagement and wedding ring metal is its ability to be worn for a lifetime without discomfort or irritation.

3. Our platinum is alloyed with iridium: Alone, platinum is a soft metal. To give platinum the strength to withstand engraving and detail process, as well as resistance to wear, scratching, heat and chemicals, our platinum is alloyed with iridium, which develops a gorgeous patina over time and will keep your Kirk Kara design effortlessly forever captivating.

4. Platinum is legendary: The world’s most famous gemstones have been set in platinum, including the Hope Diamond and Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother’s crown. Your ring will become one of the first heirlooms of your new family, and the platinum setting makes it timeless and durable for years to come.

5. Platinum is valuable: Because of its durability, wearability and its status as a rare and precious metal, platinum has become synonymous with high status and quality.

When you choose platinum as the metal for your Kirk Kara ring, you choose the finest material for your forever captivating design, and the highest-quality setting for the diamond that you’ll wear for life. Visit http://platinumjewelry.com to learn more.