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How to Style a Beautiful Ring Stack

Trends come and go, but we’re thrilled that one of our favorites is withstanding the test of time. Stackable diamond bands are a fun way to customize your look, with each ring reflecting a different facet of your personality. Wearing multiple rings on the same finger makes a deliberate fashion statement, and even if your pieces aren’t meant to fit together, you can still create an eclectic ring stack that delivers maximum sparkle and style.

There are no rules for stacking rings, other than wear what speaks to your heart. But if you need some ring-piration, here are some ideas to help you curate your own gorgeous stack!

Brilliant balance: Consider flanking thick, ornate bands like those from our Angelique collection with thin bands on either side. The bands don’t have to match, but should be similarly sized to add visual balance and symmetry. In general, smooth-edged rings pair well with more substantial, asymmetrical designs.

Mixed metals: Is there anything more gorgeous than yellow and rose gold rings mingling with their white metal counterparts? A ring stack is the perfect place to play with mixing metals. You could choose to wear the same band in all available metal colors, alternate rose gold and white gold, yellow gold and platinum — whatever strikes your fancy. You could place a colored band on either side of your engagement ring, or choose a two-toned or multi-toned band as your centerpiece and build your stack from there. The combinations are endless!

Sentimental stones: A truly personal ring stack sets the stage for sentimental storytelling. You can pull in bands that incorporate your birthstone, the birthstones of your children or spouse, and even stones that represent your wedding month. You might consider getting loved ones’ names engraved on the inside of each band, too. And while you might not need an occasion to add to your ring collection, anniversary rings and push presents are lovely reasons to extend your symbolic stack. For eye-catching color, check out our stunning selection of diamond and gemstone bands featuring everything from sapphires and amethysts to colored diamonds.

Odd numbers: It might seem counterintuitive, but odd numbers create visual balance. Interior designers group decorative items in threes because of the balance it creates. Similarly, an odd number of rings tends to look deliberate and aesthetically pleasing. One way to achieve this look is to have one statement piece in the center, like your engagement ring or a thick wedding band, and then add an even number of bands on each side.

Vintage modern: Did you inherit an heirloom, perhaps? You can pay homage to your loved one’s memory by mixing antique pieces in with modern ones. If you have a super modern wedding set, this is your chance to bring in some vintage personality. The same is true for bridal sets with traditional charm. Since there are no rules for achieving the perfect-for-you mix, a ring stack is a fun way to add your own unique twist to fine jewelry. 

Solid foundation: For a more minimalist and understated look, you could take one diamond band and surround it with solid bands on either side, to make the diamond band the star of the show. Alternatively, you could go completely diamond-free in your stack. If your wedding band is of the solid variety, you can add sparkle to your everyday look with diamond bands on either side, or in between your engagement and wedding rings. 

Unifying elements: Our last styling tip is a fairly simple one. For a look that’s truly pulled together, consider rings with elements that tie your whole stack together. Whether it’s the thinness of the bands, the milgrain details, the gemstones or metal colors used, incorporating a common thread will result in a ring stack with a polished, collected feel.

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