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Your Guide to Diamond Center Stone Shapes

How do you choose the diamond shape that’s perfect for your forever captivating engagement ring? You may have fallen in love with a design that already lends itself to one of the following shapes, or you might choose your shape and then find a design that compliments the stone of your dreams.

Round: Also known as the “RBC,” or “round, brilliant cut,” round-shaped center-stones are known for their brilliance, or their ability to reflect light. Because of its breathtaking sparkle and versitle shape, round is the most popular center stone choice.

Marquise: This opulent, double-pointed shape is a lovely choice for the bride who wants a unique center stone that creates a lengthening effect on her finger.

Pear: Worn with the pointed end facing toward the hand of the wearer, this glamorous diamond captures the brilliance of a round stone and the fascinating, elongating effect of the Marquise.

Oval: For the bride who loves the brilliantly cut round stone but wants a lengthening effect or a more unique look, oval is the perfect choice.

Princess:  This is the most popular of all square shapes because it has the most facets of any square, which creates almost the same level of brilliance and fire as the round diamond.

Emerald: The emerald shape has a long, open surface (or “table”), and its base is cut into step-like facets which create the illusion of concentric rectangles. Because of this design, the emerald is preferred by wearers who desire clarity over brilliance.

Asscher: Often called a “square emerald.” This cut was created in 1902 by the Asscher brothers, and like the emerald cut, its table creates the illusion of a concentric square design.

Cushion: This classic shape is associated with vintage design and antique jewelry. The cushion is named for the facet detail on the surface which creates the iconic “pillowed” effect, and has rounded corners.

Radiant: The radiant cut diamond is the perfect cross between cushion and princess. Like the princess, it has a brilliantly cut pavillion, yet it has rounded or squared-off corners and is faceted on the surface like the cushion.

Are you enamored with all that glitters, the elegance of a large clear stone, or do you crave a shape that’s unique and glamorous? At kirkkara.com, you can browse designs by shape and we’re certain you’ll soon be enraptured over a design straight from your engagement ring dreams.