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Favorite Proposal Stories from How He Asked (place holder title)

Stacy Stahl, the founder of howheasked.com, is a writer, lover of real-life romance and passionate storyteller. She began the site because she wanted to share the delightful story of her best friend’s romantic proposal. How He Asked features real love story submissions in the form of photos and proposal stories, as well as tips for soon-to-be-brides and grooms, the soon-to-be-engaged, and hopeful romantics. We know that couples browsing our breathtaking rings are not only looking for inspiration in the form of gorgeous, Forever Captivating designs, but are also seeking romantic proposal advice as well! Stacy shared with us her three all-time favorite proposal stories. Get your tissues ready and take notes: these are truly unique and unforgettable moments that swept Stacy–and us–off our feet!

1. Claire and Weston: One thing I always love is a genuine surprise. Weston was so clever with this idea of his that Claire was truly shocked. That type of emotion is very rare, but this sweet couple got to enjoy all the wide eyes, smiles, tears, and laughs that come along with it.

2. Nikki and Keegan: They dated off-and-on since high school, and Nikki had been dreaming of a proposal from Keegan for what seemed like forever. Keegan surprised her by getting her family to take her to the airport during a family outing. He flew her on a private jet to Martha’s Vineyard, and popped the question on a dock where they had carved their names twelve years earlier. “This proposal was full of sentiment and emotion. It wasn’t just a single moment that made it meaningful, but every sweet detail,” says Stacy.

3. Danielle and Jordan: Their parents met in college, and they knew each other for 25 years before the night that changed their lives forever. Stacy loves this one because they knew one another since birth, one of their moms has a photo of them as babies that says “wanna marry me?”, and they are best friends and bandmates as well as soul-mates. Jordan had the entire evening of the proposal captured on video–from their adorable backstage banter, to the song he wrote for her, to the moment the lights went up and Danielle realized all their loved ones were in the audience!

4. Summer and Adam: Adam became smitten with Summer when he realized how supportive and compassionate she was toward his history as a cancer survivor. He said: “she expects nothing in return for anything she does”. After Summer’s dog, Lexi, was diagnosed with cancer, Adam created the most beautifully sentimental tribute to Lexi and their love story, and captured the entire flower-petal strewn proposal with the help of photographer Meredith Washburn.