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Creative Ways to Announce Your Kirk Kara Engagement

When you're ready to tell the world about your engagement, you might just want to shout it out loud from the hilltops! Thankfully, we live in the era of social media and Shutterfly, which can be a lot easier on your vocal cords! There are many ways you can bring the good news to your friends and family, and how you go about sharing your engagement can be as unique and individual as the experience itself. 

Announcing the most enthralling news of your life so far comes in stages. First, you'll want to tell your close friends and family, then you'll announce to all of your prospective wedding guests. You may announce in a local paper, as well as sending out save-the-date or announcement cards. Not only are announcements a perfect way to share your captivating photos, they're also a wonderful way to get your special date on the calendars of all your loved ones. Get creative with your announcements to create excitement around this magical time and let your friends and family know your celebration is officially underway! After choosing a photographer for your engagement photos, brainstorm ideas for sharing your date and upcoming nuptials.

Use nature to your advantage! If you get engaged in the spring, plan portraits around a blossoming landscape, and even consider using flowers as props to showcase your dazzling new diamond. If you're engaged during the autumn months, use the breathtaking hues of changing leaves as your backdrop, and even paint your date on a pumpkin for a whimsically crafty touch!

Take a look at the Kirk Kara instagram page and our customer proposal stories in the blog. We spotted some adorable couples holding banners and even posing with rustically cute chalkboards saying "just engaged" or bearing the wedding date! Have a beloved pet? Let your precious pup help spread the news! Some of our favorite, sweet photos feature a sweet dog holding a sign that says something like "my owners are getting married!" 

Start talking with your honey about how to best express your individual styles, and what you love as a couple. Together you're ready to start dreaming about the perfect way to share your exciting news!