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Engagement Traditions from Around the World

You’re currently captivated by all things engagement-related, and probably deciding which traditions to keep or add to your own special engagement story. For some starting inspiration, here are a few fascinating traditions from cultures around the world!

In Chile, both the man and woman wear engagement rings on their right hands during their engagement and move the rings to their left hands at the ceremony. Engagement rings aren’t always just for the ladies! Consider getting a special engagement band for him, then adding bands at your ceremony.

In China, proposals often involve the couple exchanging gifts for the home with one another. Make a more intimate wish list than the one you’ll share at your registry, and start surprising your beloved with items from his wish list during your engagement!

A Japanese bride is expected to show devotion to her future in-laws, which is a fabulous idea to make your own. The newly married couple drinks sake with their parents, which represents uniting of the families. Think of unique ways to bond with your groom’s family — maybe lunch with his mom or a sweet note to his siblings.

In France, a croquembouche, which is a tower of decadent pastries, is used as a centerpiece and wedding cake. Consider adding a tower of desserts or cupcakes as an additional sweet option to your wedding cake!

No matter what inspires your traditions together, your own love story is the most magical and timeless of all, because it’s your own.