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Looking for Love: This Season’s Bachelor Contestants

It’s back! The ABC drama of hopeful-brides-to-be competing for returning bachelor Nick Viall, The Bachelor returned January 2nd, and we are so excited to get to kick off the new year with these new gals! While you’re gearing up for what promises to be an exciting night of TV drama and browsing gorgeous engagement rings, check out this season’s dynamite cast!

Alexis is an aspiring dolphin trainer from New Jersey who loves dogs. Angela is a model from South Carolina who dreams of being a stay-at home mom. From Tampa, Astrid is an office manager for a plastic surgery practice who loves yoga and red wine but fears getting “old and wrinkly.”

From the health care field, this season boasts four nurses: Briana from Salt Lake City, Brittany from Santa Monica, Danielle M. from Nashville, and Josephine from Santa Cruz. Taylor comes from Seattle and works as a mental health care counselor, and Kristina from Lexington, Kentucky, is a dental hygienist. Liz is a doula from Las Vegas who says her greatest honor was birthing her niece! Whitney is a pilates instructor from Minnesota who admires Gisele Bündchen.

Christen is a wedding videographer from Tulsa. Also a photographer, Hailey hails from Vancouver and has taught in orphanages and build schools in China.

Corinne is a business owner from Miami. Danielle L. is a small-business owner from Los Angeles who says Chrissy Teigen and John Legend are “couple goals!”

Dominique is also from L.A., and she works as a restaurant server; also in the food industry are Jaimi, a chef from New Orleans, and Michelle, a food truck owner from L.A.

Lauren is a law school graduate from Naples, Florida, and Rachel is an attorney from Dallas who admires Michelle Obama. Olivia is a self-proclaimed hopeless romantic from Alaska who loves Nicholas Sparks.

Jasmine B. is a flight attendant from Tacoma who says she doesn’t usually pursue men. Jasmine G. is a professional basketball dancer who loves Olivia Pope.

Elizabeth is a marketing manager from Dallas who loves Britney Spears. Lacey is a digital marketing manager from Manhattan, and Ida Marie is a sales manager who says she “needs to read more books.” Raven is a fashion boutique owner from Arkansas. Susannah is an account manager from San Diego who loves The Little Mermaid.

Sarah is a teacher from Newport Beach, and Vanessa is also a teacher from Montreal who takes her family’s relationship advice very seriously!

We can’t wait to see which one of these gorgeous, talented ladies wins Nick’s heart this season! In the meantime, head over to Kirk Kara online and check out our “cast list” of award-winning stars to find the forever captivating ring of your dreams!