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tips for starting the engagement conversation

The Talk: Tips for Starting the Marriage Conversation

Dreaming of your own captivating engagement but need to make sure your beau is on the same page? Talking marriage for the first time is thrilling, and breaking the ice can give any blushing bride-to-be the butterflies! We know a thing or two about timeless romance and marriage, so take a few tips from us and soon you'll be having the most exciting conversation of your life thus far!

1. Test the waters: Drop subtle, occasional hints about weddings, marriage and engagement rings. If your hint isn't immediately met with interest, wait a bit before making another go at the talk. He may be surprised that you're ready to talk, and need some time to do his own daydreaming! 

2. Talk with friends and family: Take advice from the ones who know you best! Family and friends can usually tell if their loved one is dating "the one," and they may have some great insights into your future engagement. Who knows, he might have already been dropping hints their way, too!

3. Be honest: If your relationship style is conversationally open and candid, be straight-forward. Ask your love where he sees himself in a few years, or how long he'd like to date before popping the magic question. We advise following steps one and two first, so you feel prepared.

After starting the marriage conversation, your guy may ask for ring ideas. Start shopping our iconic engagement ring collections today and be prepared to share the designs that sweep you off your feet with your dreamy groom-to-be!