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Tips for Asking Dad’s Permission

One of our favorite engagement traditions is the soon-to-be-groom asking his future bride’s father for her hand in marriage. Involving your soon-to-be-bride’s family in your romantic plans is a way to show her that you’re also family-centered and respect her parents. Though you’ve probably talked about marriage yourselves, this time-honored tradition is a sweet way to include them in your captivating love story. If you’re looking for ways to initiate a chat with dad, consider a few of these helpful tips!

Have a holiday chat: With the season of big family dinners right around the corner, plenty of opportunities to “casually” ask her dad for a moment to talk will surely arise! Whether you’re stoking coals together at the grill or catching up by the punch bowl, just let him know you’d like to ask him something, and he’s sure to lend a supportive ear! Perhaps even plan a festive holiday proposal together!

Plan a dad-date and bond: Do the two of you have a shared hobby? Is there an exciting upcoming event in town you think he’d enjoy? Reach out and invite her father to a game, an outdoor event, a festival, a new brewery–whatever you think he would enjoy. When the perfect moment arises to pop the question, he’ll appreciate the time you spent with him, and you’ll have a special memory with your new bride’s family.

Make it a family affair: Is it important to your bride that she and her mother are also included in the conversation? Invite the parents out for dinner and ask their permission together! As a delightful follow-up, prepare to order a bottle of champagne to celebrate as a family after they give their blessings.

Invite him along ring-shopping: If he already knows you have a proposal in mind, call her father and ask if he would like to come along when you pick up the ring. Formally ask his permission when you show him the breathtaking design you’ve specially chosen.

How you ask her father depends on his personality, your relationship, and above all, timing! Listen to her and her family, and you’ll know exactly how to approach this exciting step in your new lives together. In the meantime, start browsing our enthralling engagement ring collections in case her dad asks what you have in mind!