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Since 1890, the Kirk Kara artists and artisans have handcrafted rings and fine jewelry. Each exquisite piece is designed to be forever captivating.

blue sapphire engagement ring

Vibrant Gemstones Add Vivid Color

If your upcoming engagement has you dreaming in vivid color, consider a design with eye-catching, vibrant gemstones! There are countless reasons to choose a gemstone ring, from symbolic meaning of the stone itself to the personalized touch of adding your birthstone to your captivating diamond ring. While we are known for including our signature sapphires, our love for color only begins with radiant blue! Our kaleidoscope of fascinating colors offers an array for every gemstone-loving bride-to-be!

At Kirk Kara, diamonds and gemstones are meticulously hand-selected, sorted and matched by color to each ring. We insist on high-quality color (GH or higher) and clarity (VS2-SI1 or higher), and we hand-cut each stone to flawlessly fit our breathtaking designs.

To start your exciting journey through gemstone shopping, we’ve hand-picked a few of our favorite gemstone designs!

K1390SD-R and SS6685-R: These unbelievable, Deco-inspired rose-gold and sapphire engagement rings from our Charlotte Collection boast incredible detail, from hand-engraving to peek-a-boo-diamonds to radiant sapphires.

K155TDR and K155BDR: These exquisitely detailed, nature-inspired creations from our delicately floral Dahlia collection are delightful worn alongside their perfectly matching pieces or for stacking with other styles.

SS6967S-RS: This whimsically swirling Angelique design evokes a feeling of vibrant femininity with its curved designs dotted with stunning sapphires.

K1384VDE-R and K1384SDE-R: These two Charlotte designs are created for the lover of color and all things vintage glamour. They are decadent in diamonds and feature pink or blue sapphires in a sparkling, architecturally breathtaking setting. The center emerald-cut stone captures an Old-Hollywood grandness with truly vintage charm.

Express your individual charm in sparkling, colorful gemstones! Each of our gemstone rings is exquisitely detailed, and we use only the best gemstones for our vintage-inspired, forever captivating designs.