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Since 1890, the Kirk Kara artists and artisans have handcrafted rings and fine jewelry. Each exquisite piece is designed to be forever captivating.

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Mother, Lucy, standing next to two daughters, Grace and Angela, in a garden

Meet Lucy Kara, Our Marvelous Matriarch and Muse

Every great story has a muse behind the scenes. Whether it’s on stage, the big screen, in business, or somewhere in between, a source of inspiration fuels the passion that brings grand creations to life. In the case of Kirk Kara, this vital role is played by the family’s matriarch, Lucy. Though our award-winning jewelry is the star of the show, Lucy is both the backbone and glue, making sure that each production is stunning in every way. In honor of Mother’s Day, we’re shining the spotlight on her behind-the-scenes influence at Kirk Kara – as supportive wife, loving mother, and successful businesswoman.

Yellow gold wedding ring with diamonds

Growing up in Lebanon, Lucy’s strong artistic sensibilities were evident at a young age. Fashion was afocal point during her formative years; her father’s family owned a thriving silk manufacturing business and retail shop during the country’s prosperous era, and her mother would sew magnificent dresses for her and her sisters, by hand. She developed a keen eye for fashion and design, which became embedded in her identity from that point on. Jewelry design was a natural transition for Lucy once she and her husband Kirk emigrated to the United States in the early ‘80s. She studied at the Gemological Institute of America and brought both a woman’s intuition and her artistic perspective to the Kirk Kara brand. She has been a source of unwavering support to Kirk and inspiration to their daughters, Angela and Grace, who are following in her footsteps as the next generation of modern women at the helm of their multi-generation company.

Swirling white, yellow and rose gold band on a hand holding a roseWe asked Lucy to share her favorite pieces from the expansive Kirk Kara collection, and she selected two unusual yet visually stunning bands that are heavy on detail, charm, and size. Given her background in silks and fashion, it’s no surprise that she would be drawn to the soft, warm swirls of this yellow gold beauty and the bold, thick design of this artistic wedding band, pictured, both from the whimsical Angelique collection. These bands are anything but matronly. They’re strong, classy, feminine, and full of substance, just like Lucy and the matriarch of any solid, close-knit family like hers.

You can treat your own special matriarch to a beautiful standalone piece like Lucy’s favorites for Mother’s Day. Style a stack of dazzling rings for yourself and buy Mom a more substantial piece at the same time. Shop online or make an appointment with your nearest retailer to try on Lucy’s picks and take advantage of special pricing on all wedding bands! In-stock rings can be purchased on the spot and are a great way to show Mom how much she makes your heart sparkle. We know Lucy – and her daughters — would approve.