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Since 1890, the Kirk Kara artists and artisans have handcrafted rings and fine jewelry. Each exquisite piece is designed to be forever captivating.

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So Very You: Custom Kirk Kara Rings

Just like relationships and marriages, engagement rings are never a one-size-fits all deal. Each ring is truly unique — despite the setting you choose, no two center stones are the same color, shape, or size. Your ring should be a reminder of that magical, elated moment you said, “Yes!” But what if you can’t find a setting that you absolutely love?

We live in a truly bespoke world. From homes and cars to fashion and everything in between, customizing is a trend that’s here to stay. It’s no surprise that given this shift, custom anniversary and engagement rings are gaining in popularity as well. You may not be aware, but Kirk Kara has a custom design service that can bring any design to life. All you need is a little imagination and inspiration!

Say you’re head over heels for the band of one of our halo designs, but aren’t necessarily into the idea of a halo. Or you’d like a double row of pave diamonds around your stone. Perhaps there’s a special family stone you’d love to incorporate, or a unique metal combination that speaks to you. Maybe you’d even like to combine your birthstones to symbolize being side by side forever. Whatever you can imagine, our Master Craftsmen can customize to your vision, without compromising the quality or integrity of our original designs.

Many women take the custom route for anniversary and push presents, which can be more collaborative than engagement rings. This amazing peach sapphire creation looks right at home nestled in a rose gold halo from our Lori collection. Talk about a peachy push present! We love how the metal and stone colors complement each other without looking monotonous, and the beautiful balance from the diamonds. 

This statement-making custom piece features a 2.5 carat center diamond with a completely custom head that a #ForeverCaptivatingBride dreamed up on her own. For her 10th anniversary gift, she made this award-winning Pirouetta design her own with a grand and gorgeous custom head, while keeping the original ribbon detailing intact. These are just a few ways that our creative clients have put their own stamp on Kirk Kara. How would you customize yours?

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