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Couple getting engaged on the beach. Great proposal ideas

Paulette and Aaron: A California Candlelit Proposal

Paulette believed she was going on a date with her boyfriend, Aaron, but he had a wonderfully romantic plan of his own. Originally, the couple was to have dinner with Aaron’s family at Kincaid’s, a restaurant in Redondo Beach, but they cancelled and suggested Paulette and Aaron go alone. Little did Paulette know that Aaron was collaborating with her family and friends, and this was just part of the plan!

Paulette says she was running late getting ready, as usual, she jokes, and Aaron was gently trying to rush her along. He suggested that they take an alternate route to dinner because the freeway had a major accident, but this was just part of his well-rehearsed script. On the way to dinner, Aaron suggested they stop and look at a breathtaking ocean view. He took her to a secluded cove by the ocean, where candles, arranged in a heart shape, surrounded candles spelling the words “MARRY ME.”  Aaron got down on one knee and presented Paulette with the captivating engagement ring of her dreams, a whimsical design from our Angelique Collection.  He asked Paulette to marry him — twice, she says, because he was so nervous he didn’t hear her answer! Of course, her answer was yes, and then he said, “Baby, turn around!” She was delightfully surprised again: both of their families, Paulette’s best friend, and even a photographer were waiting to celebrate with the newly engaged couple! They celebrated with champagne on the beach, then had a magically memorable dinner at Kincaid’s. On the way to the restaurant, Paulette was surprised again with roses and chocolates from her new fiancé! “We spent the evening having dinner surrounded by the ones we loved the most,” Paulette says, “and I couldn’t help but smile thinking how soon I was going to be his future wife.”

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