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2024 Wedding Jewelry Trends

While there will always be a place for the classics, the days of every bride wearing traditional diamonds and pearls are gone. This year’s wedding jewelry trends for brides reflect a growing shift toward choosing more unique pieces for the big day, as well as a desire to invest in jewelry that can be worn after the wedding itself. 

As a result, many of 2024’s top wedding jewelry trends are heavily informed by the year’s overall jewelry trends. These include maximalism, colorful gems, vintage-inspired designs, reimagined classics, and personalized jewelry. Specific trending pieces, like drop earrings and tennis bracelets, are also popular for brides and non-brides alike. 

The year’s top jewelry trends for brides have one thing in common: they’re beautifully diverse. Whether your personal style leans toward the bold and bright, or the understated and elegant, you’ll find the perfect jewelry to style yourself with in 2024’s top trends. 


Drop Earrings

Artistic Lace Diamond Drop Milgrain Earrings in White Gold

Drop earrings, one of the year’s top jewelry styles, are one of the biggest bridal trends of 2024. Delicate linear styles are among the more popular drop earring designs for brides, but dramatic statement pieces that graze the shoulders are also having a moment.


Colored Gemstones

Floral Milgrain Blue Sapphire Diamond Necklace in White Gold

Colorful gemstones are growing in popularity for all kinds of jewelry, including engagement rings, wedding bands, and other bridal accessories. Choosing a gemstone accent or two is a lovely way to add a pop of color to your bridal look. Select a gemstone in a favorite color or opt for a blue piece of jewelry that can serve as your “something blue.”


Layered Necklaces

Platinum Diamond Multi Chain Station Drop Necklace (From the Vault)

Layered necklaces, a major jewelry trend for 2024, instantly add intricacy and style to an ensemble. You can layer your own pieces or choose a multi-chain necklace that provides a layered look. We love vintage-inspired multi-chain designs for brides, as they tend to have a particularly romantic look. 


Ring Stacking

Floral Boho Tsavorite White Diamond Wedding Band in Yellow Gold

Tradition dictates that brides should only wear their wedding rings on the big day, but many modern brides are choosing to layer up. Brides are stacking extra rings alongside their bridal set or wearing a range of beautiful rings across multiple fingers. 


Personalized Jewelry

Floral Milgrain Red Garnet Diamond Stud Earrings in White Gold

All types of personalized jewelry have been trending this year, including initial, monogram, nameplate, birthstone, and engraved jewelry. Two of our favorite options for bridal jewelry are engraved pieces and birthstone styles. 

Engraving a piece with a meaningful detail, like a special quote or your wedding date, can transform it into an heirloom you’ll treasure. Wearing birthstone jewelry, which can feature your birthstone or the birthstone of a loved one, adds both a special touch and an on-trend pop of color to your bridal attire. 


Vintage Designs

Yellow Gold Retro Diamond Drop Earrings (From the Vault)

Vintage jewelry is a chic, trending option that can double as your “something old.” Each vintage era has its own appeal, so there’s an era for every style. A favorite of ours at the moment is the 1970s, a boldly playful period. The carefree drama of ‘70s jewelry can add a surprisingly modern-looking element to bridal attire. 


Heart-Shaped Pieces

Platinum Pave Diamond Invisible Set Heart Pendant (From the Vault)

Brides who appreciate a dash of whimsy should take advantage of this year’s heart-shaped jewelry trend. A heart-shaped necklace or hair pin is a sweet bridal accessory that will add a sentimental element to your wedding day look. 


Bridal Brooches

White Gold Diamond Carved Crystal Lily Floral Brooch (From the Vault) 

The brooch is a jewelry classic that’s been enjoying a revival. This decorative accent is a lovely choice for a wedding outfit, as it adds charming detail–and can be used in many ways. A brooch can not only adorn your wedding dress or rehearsal dinner outfit, but also accent your veil, be pinned in your hair, or dress up the jacket you wear as the night gets chillier. 


Mixed Metals

Elegant Bow Fancy Diamond Drop Earrings in White & Rose Gold

The mixed metal trend is perfect for a bride who appreciates a dash of modern flair. You can opt for bridal jewelry that already has mixed metal elements or come up with a creative combination of your own. 


Final Thoughts

Need help finding your forever captivating wedding jewelry? Our jewelry specialists are available to assist you by Virtual Appointment, on Live Chat, or via phone.