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Since 1890, the Kirk Kara artists and artisans have handcrafted rings and fine jewelry. Each exquisite piece is designed to be forever captivating.

Symbolic Swirls: Introducing the Rayana Collection

Our romantic new Rayana collection is a symbolic and physical representation of eternal love. And while it’s true that any engagement ring can be a symbol of lasting love, Rayana has a unique and compelling backstory that makes its symbolism both special and intentional at once.

Like marriage itself, this collection is the union of two different but complementary wells of inspiration.

The first is the Armenian eternity sign, also known as Arevakhatch, which literally translates to “sun cross.” Resembling a wheel, this sun-like symbol represents Armenia as well as the idea of everlasting celestial life. Since the 5th century, it has graced both ancient manuscripts and architecture, including notable churches and national monuments. Still embraced and recognizable today, it is widely used by Armenians in Armenia as well as the diaspora population scattered throughout the world.

Hints of the Armenian eternity wheel are present throughout the Rayana collection, symbolizing the family’s Armenian roots, the idea of eternal existence, and the promised permanence of true love.

Rayana also embraces the idea of perpetual life with a nod to Lucy Karaguezian’s silk manufacturing roots. Her father, Diran, was a renowned silk manufacturer in Beirut, Lebanon. His beautiful fabrics shared one common thread: a classic paisley design.

When it comes to Kirk Kara, design is always a family affair, one that transcends both generations and time. Rayana’s swirled, ornamental details are directly inspired by Diran’s vintage paisley patterns – a lovely way to weave in his work and keep his legacy alive.

 Rayana’s multi-faceted symbolism is particularly meaningful for Vice President and Designer Angela Karaguezian.

“This collection brings different perspectives of eternity to life,” she says. “Whether it’s through the Armenian eternity sign, which is shaped like a sun wheel, or the swirled paisley designs from our grandfather’s silk business, the idea is the same; that love and family are everlasting bonds. Rayana is our way of celebrating the eternal nature of love in all forms.”

The resulting rings are both beautiful and replete with meaning. Characterized by swirly, flowing details, signature hand engraving and milgrain work, the designs are delicate and intricate at the same time.

Adding another layer to the symbolic nature of this collection, the name Rayana means heaven or sky – and it’s a subtle play on the rays of the sun, harkening back to Arevakhatch. Connections are always present in Kirk Kara designs, and Rayana is no exception.

View the full Rayana collection here.