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Since 1890, the Kirk Kara artists and artisans have handcrafted rings and fine jewelry. Each exquisite piece is designed to be forever captivating.

Engagement ring and wedding band with a leaf design and a marquise diamond in white gold by Kirk Kara

A Perfect Match: Engagement Ring and Wedding Band Sets

For a short time, your engagement ring will be worn alone. During your engagement, you’ll showcase your forever captivating Kirk Kara design to friends and family, in engagement photos, and in social media announcements. Beginning on your wedding day, you’ll join your breathtaking engagement ring with its perfectly matching wedding band to create the spellbinding duo that signifies your love story for life. When shopping for your perfect engagement ring, keep in mind the beautiful, vintage-inspired band that you’ll adore every day for the rest of forever! Some brides even fall head over heels for their band before they see their engagement ring, and some even opt for mixing and matching stacks of bands. Here are a few of our suggestions for magically dreamy band and engagement ring sets.

This whimsically artistic engagement ring and coordinating band are from our romantic Angelique Collection. Detailed with handcrafted milgrain edging, signature filigree and gorgeous hand-set diamonds. The swirls of its matching band float side by side with this engagement ring in a gracefully fairy-tale-inspired set.

Also from our artistically handcrafted Angelique Collection, this stunning solitaire is anything but simple. Its highly detailed, swirling, diamond-studded band features intricate milgrain edging and is absolutely astounding with its perfectly matching band!

This breathtaking, deco-inspired design and beautifully vibrant coordinating band from our Charlotte Collection features sparkling sapphires, our signature milgrain edging, and intricately detailed scroll hand-engravings.

Whether you wear your perfectly matching band with your engagement ring or even create a ring stack that’s uniquely you, you’ll fall in love with our timelessly breathtaking engagement rings and wedding bands. Each design collection contains absolutely endless options of combinations to wear your forever captivating Kirk Kara designs!