About Us

Since 1890, the Kirk Kara artists and artisans have handcrafted rings and fine jewelry. Each exquisite piece is designed to be forever captivating.

Mix, Match and Stack

Our iconic vintage-inspired band collections are just as captivating as our architecturally stunning engagement rings and are also absolutely elegant when worn alone. Is mix, match and stack right for you?  At the Kirk Kara office, we can’t help but have a little fun mixing our unique bands, and we’ve learned a few tricks:

1. Choose the Central Piece First: If you want a high-contrast set with one especially striking piece, consider choosing your central piece then selecting matching different-colored bands for each side.

2. Get a Perfectly Coordinated Set: If you’re swooning over a specific collection but love the look of stackable bands, consider choosing the same band in three colors. These three bands look amazing together and are all from our Angelique Collection!

3. Add Bands Over Time! The really exciting part of having a fun, mixable, matchable set is that you can keep adding to your collection. If your initial wedding set is composed of an engagement ring and a band, talk to your groom about adding other band options for anniversaries and other special occasions!

Don’t forget — adding stackable bands alongside an engagement ring is all about expressing your personality and keen sense of style! The possibilities, gorgeous combinations, and breathtaking details are absolutely endless.