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Since 1890, the Kirk Kara artists and artisans have handcrafted rings and fine jewelry. Each exquisite piece is designed to be forever captivating.

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Choosing a Wedding Band

The moment your groom-to-be slips your engagement ring onto your finger, you two have already made lasting committment to your future together. When you stand up in front of friends and loved ones for your nuptials, you’re declaring to one and all that the love you share is a love that’s built to last throughout the ages. And your wedding band, a perfect circle ringing your finger, stands as a tangible symbol of the joys of that day and the lifetime of joys ahead.

The best thing about choosing your Forever Captivating wedding band? You can’t go wrong! Any of the endless options will be breathtakingly beautiful. Whether you’re mixing and matching, perfectly coordinating or creatively contrasting, adding a band to an already exquisite design is like accessorizing an outfit that already has the most perfect statement piece.

Whether you’re adding to an engagement ring or choosing a set of bands, check out our tips for mixing and matching here!

If you’re head over heels for your engagement ring and would absolutely swoon over its matching band, we have incredible news! Because we work tirelessly in the pursuit of perfection, our matching sets comprise two rings created to fit perfectly flush alongside one another. Every engagement ring collection is coordinated with a band collection designed with the same details in mind. Each of our masterfully designed, one-of-a-kind engagement rings has a band made as its mirror image. And every handcrafted band is designed to fit seamlessly against the matching engagement ring.

Love the look of a beautiful band with your stunning engagement ring but aren’t into matching sets? No worries — each of our bands is absolutely gorgeous worn alone, as a statement piece, or as a complement to any of our amazing engagement rings. Choose the band or bands you love best and wear it alongside your engagement ring, considering which details best complement your ring. If your engagement ring is highly detailed and ornate, consider an elegant but simple band. If you’re wearing a classic solitaire, consider a whimsically chic, highly detailed band.

Most of all, choose the band that you love and can’t live without — you’ll be delighted no matter how you choose to wear it!