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Tips for Being the Perfect Ring-Shopping Friend

It’s a special honor when your loved one’s love-struck beau asks for your help in choosing the perfect forever captivating ring. From a dazzling array of options, you can guide him to picking the exact ring that captures her unique style and expresses his undying devotion. It’s an important role in your loved one’s most enchanting day! Here are a few tips to prep for this delightful journey and make ring-shopping a breeze.

1. Listen: Even if the proposal is a surprise, she probably has an idea that it’s coming soon. If she’s not dropping many hints, find creative ways to ask her what she thinks of rings on recent social media posts, TV commercials, while shopping, etc.

2. Play detective: Lucky for you, social media makes snooping so easy! View her recent likes on Instagram, check out her “Love These!” list, find her Pinterest page of dream rings (yes, we all have one!), and ask other friends and family if they have seen her express interest in specific styles, cuts, and details.

3. Do some research: Browse our Most Prized Creations engagement rings and prepare your engagement ring savoir-faire, so when she starts dropping great hints, you’ll be able to help visualize the ring of her dreams.

Finally, put it all together: If she doesn’t have one certain dream ring chosen, collaborate with her soon-to-be fiancé and share your findings. Do all of her faves have halos? Does she seem dazzled by specific details? What about diamond shapes? Find the commonalities in all her most chosen styles and combine all the breathtaking details to find the ring that will captivate her heart, now and forever!