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The Right Engagement Ring for Your Finger Shape

There’s a clever adage that says, “Jewelry always fits.” (Isn’t that reassuring?). While we love the idea in theory, engagement rings are not necessarily one-size-fits-all. Just as you dress in ways that complement your figure, you can choose rings that flatter your finger, too. Certain styles look best on certain hands, so here are some tips to help find your forever-perfect fit.

Best Rings for Short Fingers
Repeat after us: long and thin. No, we’re not talking about your hands. To create the illusion of long fingers, consider emerald, marquise, and oval diamonds paired with thin metal or pavé bands. This magic combination of long stones plus delicate bands elongates the look of your hand and is super flattering for fingers on the shorter side of the spectrum. Our favorite picks for short hands: this gorgeous pear halo ring or this emerald-shaped stunner, both from our iconic Carmella collection. Square-shaped stones and settings might make your fingers appear shorter, but if you do have a princess cut diamond, it can always be set in a way that deemphasizes its shape.


Best Rings for Long Fingers
If you have long, slender fingers, you’re blessed with the most versatile and coveted shape when it comes to hands. Much like their tall, supermodel-esque counterparts, long fingers can pull off practically any stone and style of engagement ring. Round and princess shaped diamonds look best, but if you’re feeling bold, you can opt for a stone that elongates your fingers even more, like an oval or pear. Your statuesque fingers look good in practically anything, like this rose-gold beauty from the Pirouetta collection or this cushion-shaped halo from the Carmella collection.

Best Rings for Wide Fingers
The best way to accentuate broad fingers is through ample finger coverage — as much as possible! Think classic three-stone designs, thick substantial bands, split-shank styles, and the like. Wide fingers mean a wide range of statement-making rings to choose from. This two-toned halo from the Pirouetta collection has just the right amount of oomph, thickness, and visual interest to balance a thicker hand. For a more delicate take on a three-stone ring, you may also consider this lovely Lori collection design.


If you inherited a stone that’s not quite your aesthetic or isn’t the most flattering shape for your hand, don’t fret. The way your diamond is set makes a world of difference. All Kirk Kara rings can be customized to incorporate any center stone, and some of our settings can change the look of your diamond – for example, this rounded-edge cushion halo with a square stone.


In addition to finger shape, another important consideration is the size of your hands. If you have petite, delicate hands, follow the rules above for your finger shape, but keep the overall proportion of your ring small so as not to overpower or overwhelm your hand. Likewise, if you have large hands, you have room to play with more sizeable stones and statement-making settings. The good news for big hands? Bigger means bolder, whether that’s diamond size or setting style. And the good news for small hands is that smaller diamonds look larger due to the law of proportions. If you ask us, it’s a win-win either way.