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Since 1890, the Kirk Kara artists and artisans have handcrafted rings and fine jewelry. Each exquisite piece is designed to be forever captivating.

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Stack of Kirk Kara yellow and white gold wedding bands, some with sapphires, on a white background

Bezel, Channel, or Pavé Set? Decoding Diamond Wedding Band Settings

The thrill of ring shopping doesn’t end when you’ve said “yes” to your Forever Captivating™ design. Now that you’ve fallen head over heels for your dream engagement ring, it’s time to find the perfect diamond wedding band to complement it forever!

All Kirk Kara collections feature perfectly matched bridal sets, with a complementary wedding band for every engagement ring. But we understand that sometimes, you want a look that’s more eclectic and reflective of you. A wedding band is a great way to incorporate personality with gemstones, different metal colors, and setting styles. Our diamond bands are wearable works of art, much like their engagement ring counterparts. They come in endless combinations of metals, gemstones and diamonds, and include vintage-inspired, handcrafted details and engravings.

Here are a few of the ways we set the dazzling diamonds in our timeless bridal jewelry designs. No matter which setting style you like, know that each Kirk Kara diamond is hand set using our meticulous four-prong process, which holds your precious stones for life!

Bezel Settings
A bezel setting is one in which a diamond is completely encircled by the precious metal of your choice. Imagine each diamond surrounded by a metal frame, which often also has milgrain edging. This look can be seen in the individual, standalone diamonds of our intricate swirled designs, like this Angelique Collection band and this Lori Collection wedding ring. Some, but not all, of the diamonds in these designs are bezel set.

Channel Settings
Channel set rings feature a flowing line of glittering diamonds or gemstones placed between two strips of platinum or gold (also known as the channel). The accent stones are side by side in a row, with no metal or prongs between them, and they’re essentially sandwiched between two sides of precious metals (top and bottom). Some of our channel set designs are created with a combination of gemstones and diamonds, while others are all diamond or all gemstone designs.

Pavé Settings
A pavé (pronounced puhvey, or pav-ey) setting features stones placed so closely together that they show no metal between them, creating an illusion of a fluid, diamond-covered surface. Pavé diamond rings incorporate tiny, subtle mini-prongs that hold the diamonds very closely together. You can achieve this look with our Pirouetta collection wedding band. As you can see, the setting practically disappears beneath the sparkling layer of diamonds.

Do you have your heart set on more than one band? Tap the heart-shaped icon beneath each of your favorite designs to add them to your Love These! list, then share your picks with your love! If you simply can’t narrow down your favorite designs, consider creating a ring stack of multiple diamond or gemstone bands, or wear one on either side of your exquisite engagement ring to create a look that’s timeless and totally you.

There’s no better time to fall in love with a band, because we’re offering the rare opportunity to save 10% on our entire wedding band collection! To enjoy our special pricing, make an appointment with your nearest retailer and place your order before May 31st.