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Since 1890, the Kirk Kara artists and artisans have handcrafted rings and fine jewelry. Each exquisite piece is designed to be forever captivating.

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Set of platinum and diamond rings on a soft peach fabric

Perfectly Platinum: The Story Behind Our Preferred Metal

We don’t often play favorites, but we do have a preference when it comes to the best precious metal to showcase your Kirk Kara ring. Platinum is renowned as being pure, rare, and eternal; the word itself is often associated with the utmost standards. In the music industry, only the best-selling records get the desired platinum designation. In the financial world, only those with impeccable credit have platinum credit cards. And in the jewelry world, platinum is hands down the superior metal choice.

Throughout the history of Kirk Kara, platinum has played a recurring role. Kirk’s own grandfather started his business engraving unique platinum pieces, paving the way for what would become our legacy of meticulous, award-winning design. And Kirk’s father presented a platinum ring to his mother on their wedding day. The ring remains as beautiful as it was in 1934 — a true testament to its timelessness. There’s something incredibly romantic about jewelry that can be passed down through generations without losing any of its original splendor.

Platinum and white gold may look identical to the naked eye, but there are marked differences that set them apart. Platinum has a grayish undertone that achieves a patina finish over time, which many consider desirable. White gold has a warmer undertone, which can become slightly more noticeable with age. Also, white gold isn’t silvery-white on its own; it needs to be mixed with a white metal such as nickel or palladium, and then plated in rhodium to achieve a platinum-like tone. Platinum’s purity makes it hypo-allergenic, hence why it is also used in medical and dental applications. In terms of weight, platinum is heavier, making it more durable than gold. Lastly, its rarity as a metal is the reason why it is priced on the higher side.

Platinum represents forever, just like our engagement ring designs. As the purest, rarest, and heaviest metal, platinum has a sense of permanence that perfectly befits wedding bands and engagement rings. Its whiteness gives a striking backdrop for center diamonds of any shape and color. And its weight provides the most durable canvas for the detailed, hand-engraved artistry that Kirk Kara is known for. The platinum we use is alloyed with iridium, which creates a gorgeous patina over time and further enhances each engraving, filigree, and milgrain edge.

As a family, we have always been passionate about creating pieces that last a lifetime. Each one of our rings tells a beautiful story that never fades, just like platinum. We are forever captivated by this exquisite metal and will continue to maximize its beauty for decades to come. To learn more about platinum, please visit PlatinumJewelry.com.