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Since 1890, the Kirk Kara artists and artisans have handcrafted rings and fine jewelry. Each exquisite piece is designed to be forever captivating.

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Kirk Kara rings on a background of popular tourist destinations including Peru, Italy, Brasil, Spain etc

Which Honeymoon Matches Your Kirk Kara Style?

Ahh, the honeymoon. The blissful reward at the finish line after months of planning your special day. The beginning of your journey (literally) as husband and wife. That memorable first getaway as a married couple is also likely the first time you’ll exhale after a whirlwind year.

One of the most exhilarating parts of wedding planning is picking the ideal honeymoon. You can find ideas and inspiration anywhere – even in your Kirk Kara ring! We’ve matched the styles and personalities of each of our collections with popular honeymoon spots. Who knows? You might find the perfect fit, just as you did with your engagement ring.

Carmella Collection
The Carmella woman is elegance personified. An old soul, she is in love with the grandeur of a bygone era and the timelessness of vintage architecture. Carmella collection rings are the very definition of glamorous and refined. They pay homage to iconic European architecture with their sweeping designs, and one in particular is often compared to the Eiffel Tower, the ultimate symbol of love and romance. The Carmella couple’s ideal honeymoon could only ever be Paris, the stunning City of Lights.

Angelique Collection
One look at any of the engagement rings from this whimsical and feminine collection will take you straight to the sea. Angelique’s swirly, flowing diamond designs are reminiscent of waves crashing upon the shore and have a beachy, surf-inspired vibe. The Angelique bride is equally carefree, with a perpetually relaxed air. The perfect place to channel this tranquility? Maui, Kauai, or the Big Island of Hawaii. It’s easy to see why Hawaii has been an enduring honeymoon choice for decades. The Aloha spirit and low-key vibe coupled with breathtaking sunsets and natural beauty make it a no-brainer for destressing after the big day.

Dahlia Collection
Nature is the centerpiece of this delicate collection, and it comes through in the floral and leaf design elements on every Dahlia ring. The woman who chooses Dahlia is a naturalist in her own right, at home in the outdoors and its lush beauty. The perfect honeymoon for the Dahlia couple is completely unplugged, at one with flora and fauna. Consider luxury eco-tourism in Costa Rica, taking in the jaw-dropping landscapes of Big Sur in California’s Central Coast, or exploring any of the tropical islands dotting the Caribbean Sea (with a flower in your hair, of course).

Charlotte Collection
The woman who is drawn to a Charlotte ring has a confident, colorful spirit to match the gemstones in this bold and inspired collection. She is highly creative, with a true appreciation for geometric, symmetrical designs. The Charlotte couple seems destined to honeymoon somewhere vibrant and cosmopolitan with a bohemian, artsy flair. Consider exploring the thriving art scene in Mexico City or visiting Rio de Janiero during Carnival. Stateside, Miami and Santa Fe would befit this pair’s desire for color, cuisine, and culture as well.

Stella Collection
Timeless with a twist: that is the true hallmark of a Stella collection engagement ring. Each handcrafted piece strikes a fine balance between modern and vintage design. And much like the collection itself, the Stella bride is a contemporary classic, with a taste for tradition and an eye for style. From the pristine, azure allure of Santorini, Greece, to the undeniable romance of Italy, particularly the regions of Tuscany or Venice, a classic European honeymoon would suit the Stella couple well.

Pirouetta Collection
With lovely looping designs that symbolize eternal love, the award-winning Pirouetta collection is a celebration of two becoming one, and a beautiful interpretation of dance in jewelry form. The Pirouetta bride is not necessarily a dancer herself – though she could be — but she is a study in effortlessness and grace. The lively flamenco dance culture of Spain makes it a quintessential honeymoon choice for the Pirouetta couple. The entire country is a feast for the senses, with a wealth of theatre, arts, and striking beauty to soak in together.

Lori Collection
The Lori bride is understated and chic, and she gravitates toward pieces that have a story to tell. Lori collection rings have a distinctly old soul, as evidenced by their Art Deco nuances, old world patterns, and three-leaf side designs that symbolize faith, hope, and love. Inspired by Kirk Kara’s ancestral roots, Lori is a nod to his family’s legacy and takes its name from a beautiful province in Armenia. For a truly unique honeymoon inspired by their ring, the Lori couple might consider a return to their own roots to explore family history and learn more about themselves — and each other – in the process.