About Us

Since 1890, the Kirk Kara artists and artisans have handcrafted rings and fine jewelry. Each exquisite piece is designed to be forever captivating.

Engagement Ring Style

The Engagement Ring for each Personality Type

Kirk Kara makes it easy to begin your quest for the perfect ring by offering our gorgeous handcrafted designs in six iconic collections defined by the unique, authentic and timeless women who wear them. It’s more than a ring: your forever captivating Kirk Kara engagement ring is illustrative of who you are and how you love, and understanding the inspiration behind each collection will help narrow down all the beautiful choices and allow you to easily decide which ring best captures your personality and your unique love story.

Carmella: The Starlet

Carmella’s wearer loves all things glamorous, Parisian and iconic. Her décor style is Old-Hollywood inspired, and she loves bold red lipstick, vintage Chanel and exudes glamor and stardom everywhere she goes. Her ideal ring is illustrative of Marilyn Monroe’s “Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend” and mesmerizes with its architectural detail and big, bold diamonds.

Angelique: The Romantic

Angelique is for the woman whose wedding will be inspired by feminine, lacy and romantic details. From her engagement ring to her bridesmaid dresses, Angelique’s bridal story will be Victorian romance made modern with sweet, flowery accents, and will incorporate family-inspired details and traditional romantic elements to make the beauty of her love story timeless and inspiring.

Charlotte: The Artist

Art Deco-inspired with playful geometric detail, the Charlotte collection is for the artist in love. The woman who wears a ring from the Charlotte collection loves color and bold details drawn from a time of modernity and progress with a nod to the geometric, angular motifs of Ancient Egypt and Greece. Charlotte’s choice of engagement ring shows the world that she is eccentric but rooted in classical beauty with an eye for design and colorful expression.

Dahlia: The Naturalist

The woman who wears Dahlia most likely fell in love while enjoying nature—by the ocean, on a hike, and was maybe even proposed to while looking over the side of a mountain with her love. Dahlia is inspired by the nature, loves animals and takes interest in environmental issues and wildlife conservation. Dahlia’s ring is intricate with detail inspired by the natural world that surrounds her and her love story: flowers, trees, birds, butterflies and the graceful lines representative of the Art Nouveau era.

Pirouetta: The Dancer

Pirouetta is nature set to music, she is the classic love story as a ballet. Rich with flowery detail and punctuated with vine-inspired twists, Pirouetta is for the woman who views her love as a connected, exuberant dance, and enjoys accents of romantic, nature-inspired, floral details woven into continuous lines. The woman who wears Pirouetta is defined by her constant movement, her vitality and her feminine strength.

Stella: The Classic Bride

Stella is a bold, confident yet traditional bride influenced by vintage bridal themes made modern by current trends so that her timeless style never feels dated. The woman who wears the Stella collection is enchanting and eye-catching without ever having to try: she is breathtaking because of her bold simplicity. She is naturally stunning and able to discern which current bridal elements will fit her classic, timeless style and add glamor without frills or trendiness. Stella thinks beyond the current moment, and plans every detail to last a lifetime.

Artin: The Gentlemen

Artin, the collection for men is the perfect complement to every Kirk Kara woman. He is a modern man with classic values who admires the strength and grace that his bride-to-be-exudes. He is never intimidated by the fearless woman who knows what she wants, because he, too, is fearless and strong. His style is illustrated with bold, masculine elegance and detailed with connected, linear designs. Artin is for the man with exquisite taste: he appreciates timeless craftsmanship, is attentive to detail, and like the ring he chooses for his bride, only the best will do.