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Your Girlfriend Has Your Wedding Planned: Her Secret Pinterest Board

It’s no secret that many women have been planning their weddings since childhood. But you may be surprised to find that your girlfriend has been collecting ideas and saving pictures since long before the two of you fell in love. Just like saving photos of dream cars, favorite outfits, hairstyle inspiration and home decor ideas, most women who plan their weddings ahead of time are doing so because they know the whole event will be viewed by their friends and family as an extension of their personal style. When the time comes to start planning, they want to already have the major details and must-haves in mind. Instead of worrying whether your girlfriend has been planning your wedding ahead of schedule or without your input, take advantage of the fact that she has given you a way to see into her hopes and dreams, and use her wedding board to start your own planning!

It’s common for women to post multiple rings on their Pinterest boards, which can surely be overwhelming for the aspiring groom. But find commonalities among the rings she posted and you’ll definitely start on the right track. Are they all platinum? There’s one detail down. Do all of her dream rings have a halo of diamonds around the center stone? Must be an important feature! Combine the common aspects of her favorite rings with a couple of your own details, and you’re ready to look through Kirk Kara’s breathtaking, handcrafted designs or begin customizing one of your own with one of our experts.

Pro tip: Even if your soon-to-be-fiance hasn’t posted a dream ring, you can use the images she posted to get a better feel for her style, and then use the common themes of her bridal style to choose a ring from one of our iconic style collections. Is her dream wedding exploding with flowers and feminine, romantic details? Chances are, her dream ring probably is, too. Does she choose traditional bridal themes and tend to gravitate toward classic simplicity? Shop for stunning solitaires and look for descriptions like “modern vintage.” Every pin is another glimpse into who she is and what she adores, and another chance for you to find the ring that will captivate her heart forever.