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Since 1890, the Kirk Kara artists and artisans have handcrafted rings and fine jewelry. Each exquisite piece is designed to be forever captivating.

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Halo Engagement Ring

Captivated by Halos

If diamonds are a girl’s best friend, then who are diamonds’ best friends? More diamonds, of course! For swoon-worthy sparkle, surround your mesmerizing center stone with a glittering halo of diamonds. Our iconic design collections feature seemingly endless halo engagement rings, so finding the perfect halo setting for your breathtaking diamond is just a matter…

vintage inspired part outfit

Vintage-Inspired Engagement Party Looks

Want to announce your engagement with unique, vintage-inspired flair? Take a style tip or two from the queens of vintage style while you choose the perfect, timeless outfit for your engagement party and photos! Carmella-loving starlets can easily emulate the show-stopping glamour of Old Hollywood with a figure-flattering frock and a bold, red lip color. For…


Winter Wonderland Proposals

Imagine kneeling in powdery, fresh snow while soft, icy flakes swirl around the two of you. The delightful chill of the icy air reddens your cheeks, and the excitement of seeing the forever captivating ring of her dreams for the first time warms you both from the inside out. Perhaps glowing candlelight or the lights of a…

blue sapphire engagement ring

Vibrant Gemstones Add Vivid Color

If your upcoming engagement has you dreaming in vivid color, consider a design with eye-catching, vibrant gemstones! There are countless reasons to choose a gemstone ring, from symbolic meaning of the stone itself to the personalized touch of adding your birthstone to your captivating diamond ring. While we are known for including our signature sapphires,…

vintage inspired engagement ring

Faith, Hope, and Love: The Lori Collection

Our newest collection of captivating, handcrafted creations is named after and inspired by the enchanting Armenian province, Lori. Imagine a lush, endless green landscape edged with breathtaking mountains and dotted with ancient monasteries. The insides of these old-world structures are embellished with stunning architectural details and decorated with highly detailed carvings and paintings.   It’s…

blue sapphire engagement ring

Featured Design: K1120SDC-R

For the soon-to-be-engaged couple on the quest for a ring that’s truly original yet beautifully timeless, this remarkably detailed engagement ring from our nature-inspired Dahlia Collection is absolutely jaw-dropping. Floral-inspired diamonds surround a brilliant, one-carat round-cut center stone, and breathtaking sapphires sparkle on either side. This magnificent piece is stunning from every angle: the architecturally…