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Tips for Throwing an Memorable Engagement Party

If you have the honor of throwing an engagement party for some newly betrothed love-birds, we have a few ideas for creating an event to remember! From hearty dinner parties to champagne-themed brunches, there’s no wrong way to celebrate an upcoming engagement. Here are a few tips to get started!

1. Brainstorm with the bride and groom: Know their favorites, and what type of guest list they’ll want to create. Plans may differ for a family function versus an all-friends gathering. Prepare a list that asks for their favorite foods, beverages, colors, and absolute must-haves. If you want to keep the bride and groom involved during your planning process, create a collaborative Pinterest board — after all, every bride has one!

2. Theme it up! Themes are a fun, easy way to coordinate all the party’s details. A popular theme is “pop,” as in “pop the question,” so using that theme opens the door of possibility for champagne-themed decor and gourmet popcorn goodies! Other exciting theme possibilities could be the bride and groom’s favorite movie, colors, or hobby! Get creative by making your theme timeless and romantic no matter what! For example, a couple that’s crazy for hiking and outdoor sports would absolutely adore a gold and hunter-green color scheme with subtle, rustic details!

3. Build a bar! If your theme starts going in the direction of over-the-top sweets, drinks or food with unlimited toppings, themed bars are a major crowd-pleaser! One of the best ideas we’ve seen is “bubbly bars,” which are champagne or prosecco bars with adorable jars and containers for add-ons. This idea can easily transform into a mimosa bar for a brunch party. We’re also enamored with the idea of sweets bars of any kind, from all-chocolate buffets to build-your-own sundae to towers of cupcakes and candy confections!

For additional inspiration, shop your bride’s iconic engagement ring collection at Kirk Kara Online, and use the decorative and fashion influences to plan your party. For instance, a Charlotte bride would love an eclectic, Deco-influenced gala, while an Angelique-wearer would love all the romantic, lace details you’ve been pinning! Find more info about what each collection’s bride is likely to fall head-over-heels for here and start planning your sweet soirée today.