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Since 1890, the Kirk Kara artists and artisans have handcrafted rings and fine jewelry. Each exquisite piece is designed to be forever captivating.

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two toned gold engagement ring

Mix and Match: Two-Toned Designs

White, rose, yellow, diamond, hand-engraved detail — who says a girl can’t have it all? With so many swoon-worthy designs, gorgeous metal choices, and endless artistically handcrafted details, why choose just one color for your forever captivating engagement ring? That’s why our breathtaking two-tone designs are so special — everything you love about stunning white gold…

engagement ring and wedding band

A Perfect Match: Engagement Ring and Wedding Band Sets

For a short time, your engagement ring will be worn alone. During your engagement, you’ll showcase your forever captivating Kirk Kara design to friends and family, in engagement photos, and in social media announcements. Beginning on your wedding day, you’ll join your breathtaking engagement ring with its perfectly matching wedding band to create the spellbinding…

yellow gold engagement rings

Yellow Gold Engagement Rings

If your heart’s desire is a classically romantic yellow gold engagement ring, our iconic design collections house an endless array of breathtaking, vintage-inspired choices. To start your magical quest for the perfect engagement ring, we’d love to suggest a few designs that are especially magnificent in gorgeously gleaming yellow gold. This halo engagement ring from…

solitaire engagement ring

Pirouetta Collection Spotlight

Pirouetta bounds into the spotlight with the exuberance and grace, joyfully in love. Each elegant detail, glittering swirl, delightful peek-a-boo diamond, and glorious halo is designed and beautifully handcrafted with love’s vibrant dance in mind. The unique details in this collection are inspired by all things dance; some designs feature swirls of diamonds that interlace…

rose gold engagement ring

Featured Design No. K274LWR

The most beautiful gift of a lifetime is being asked to spend forever with your true love, and that's why we put a breathtaking, handcrafted bow on your forever captivating gift! Meet Design No. K274LWR from our whimsically romantic Pirouetta Collection. This spellbinding design swirls into the spotlight with gorgeous, vintage-inspired details like signature filigree and milgrain edging….

Engagement Ring

Featured Design: SS6757A-R

Travel back in time to a world designed in the spirit of grandness, timeless magnificence and elegance. The most inspirational eras in European architecture and artistic details of decades past influence our classically glamorous Carmella Collection. Each engagement ring and wedding band in the Carmella Collection is crafted with luxurious attention to detail, the most spellbinding…

Engagement Rings

Glamorous and Extraordinary: The Carmella Collection

Elizabeth Taylor famously said "big girls need big diamonds," and we know that starlets like Liz would be head-over-heels for the big, bold diamonds in our glamorous Carmella Collection. Carmella evokes a sense of timeless grandness and luxury. The collection features architecturally stunning designs inspired by classic European structures and brilliant, vintage-inspired details, all crafted by…

Halo Engagement Ring

Captivated by Halos

If diamonds are a girl's best friend, then who are diamonds' best friends? More diamonds, of course! For swoon-worthy sparkle, surround your mesmerizing center stone with a glittering halo of diamonds. Our iconic design collections feature seemingly endless halo engagement rings, so finding the perfect halo setting for your breathtaking diamond is just a matter…

vintage inspired engagement ring

Faith, Hope, and Love: The Lori Collection

Our newest collection of captivating, handcrafted creations is named after and inspired by the enchanting Armenian province, Lori. Imagine a lush, endless green landscape edged with breathtaking mountains and dotted with ancient monasteries. The insides of these old-world structures are embellished with stunning architectural details and decorated with highly detailed carvings and paintings.   It's…